Member Map

The members of the 4P Factory e-lab come from:

  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
  • Africa: Senegal
  • Asia: Japan
  • Europe: Spain, France, UK
The 4P Factory e-lab: member map

The 4P Factory e-lab: member map (click to enlage)

Scientific teams

More precisely, the members of the e-laboratory are:

  • E-lab leader: Pierre Parrend, ECAM Strasbourg-Europe
  • Involved scientific teams
    • Europe
      • Center for complexity and design, Open University: Jeffrey Johnson, Claudia Eckert
      • ICube Laboratory, Strasbourg: Aline Deruyver, Cecilia Zanni-Merk
      • ECAM Strasbourg-Europe: Michel Risser, Pierre Parrend
      • INSA-Lyon: Véronique Legrand
      • Université de Clermont-Ferrand: Laurent Deroussi
      • University Granada (Spain): Juan Julian Merelo
    • South-America
      • University of Chile (Chile): Juan Velasquez
      • University of Cuyo (Mendoza- Argentina) : Ricardo Palma; Gustavo Masera
      • Institute for Research in Environmental Engineering of the National University of San Martín, Buenos Aeres (Argentina): Paula Castesana
      • Universidad del Valle (Bolivia): Marco Velez Ocampo
    • Asia
    • Africa
      • Université Cheickh Antar Diop, Dakar (Senegal) : Ismaila Diouf
  • Scientific comitee:
    • Jeffrey Johnson (Open University)
    • Masanori Sugisaka (Alife Robotics)

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