e-Team “Emergent Management and Complex Systems”

The 4P-Factory e-lab now hosts an e-Team dedicated to “Emergent Management and Complex Systems“.

The e-Team is lead by Pierre Masai and animated by Jean Vieille.

It seeks to free and leverage emergence of complex systems to help organizations staying relevant and becoming more responsive toward their environment. This may include addressing following challenges:

  • Emergent management of organisations: evaluating the use and impact of operational management practices such as Lean, theory of constraints, Six sigma… to improve their implementation effectiveness, exploring new management approaches, while considering human factor
  • Emergent management of IT services: evaluating information technology (positive and negative) impact on emergence to advise suitable design and integration schemes
  • Emergent management of IT systems: Proposing novel algorithms for supervision, predictive maintenance, prediction of failures in interconnected industrial ecosystems
  • Handling emergent threats of IT systems: Proposing novel for cybersecurity approaches for such interconnected industrial ecosystems

The e-Team hosts e-hoshin, a powerful tool for aligning the objectives of organisations with emergent proposals of all of their employees so as to leverage organisation dynamics at multiple scales