Open Resources of the 4P Factory e-lab

On this page, you will find information about the Open Resources provided by the 4P Factory e-lab members for bringing complex systems to the factory floor:



Pedagogic items

Pedagogic items





Feel free to contact us for more information and access to the Open Resources!


  • Central Theorem on Supply Chain, GHG Emission account,  Matrix Method for input output auditory on GHG for SCM.
    • This is simulation software over scilab / R-cran
    • Corresponding Author: Ricardo R. Palma
  • Web mining algorithms
    • Corresponding author: Yerko Covacevich, University of Chile

Pedagogical items

Software Pedagogical items

  • Models of Vensim validates for hot dry climate zones (desert)
    • This a tool for extracting clusters for competitive development on desert borders population, for Water and Energy optimization
    • Corresponding Authors: Gustavo Masera, Rodolfo Echegaray, University of Mendosa
  • Biofuels and solar energy development and optimization on desert zones
    • This is teaching materials for self made prototypes.
    • Corresponding Authors: Duilio Calcagno, Ricardo Palma (University of Mendosa, Argentina), Paula Castesana (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aeres (Argentina))
  • Critical Infrastructure Risk Management
    • These are smart grid kits based on arduino & drones
    • Corresponding Authors: Ricardo Palma  (University of Mendosa, Argentina)


  • Web user navigation data
    • Corresponding author: Francisco Molina (University of Chile)



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